Ghannaytou Makkatah by Said Akl

I sing for Mecca and her proud people and the festival of Eid has filled my heart with joy
Full of happiness, their houses shine like the splendour of the house of God (Kaaba).
And in the name of God, their buildings stretch out like the stars in the sky
Oh readers of the Qu’ran, pray for them and bring the essence of beauty to the desert
On your knees and with your hands raised, their prayers will be answered
Everywhere where one prays, heaven receives and God gives his blessing.
If a grain of sand sang its happiness with the day to its creator, then it would be the string plucked to make music.
The sound of the pilgrims to Mecca has become louder with prayer, let us sing with my voice
In the joy of this festive day of Eid that God will be generous and grant to them only what is good, whatever their kind or colour
Do not let the soil or the straw dry without making it green so that it smells good
God, that soil is like a flower and it is you who are destined to gather it before pulling it up
And the beauty of your face brings hope and dreams, all is nothing before your creation