Marie Noël’s divine vision

Oh my God of today who I see again today in the gentle guise of the heavenly bridegroom, you have appeared to me otherwise, as a terrible face – And you have appeared to me without a face. And that day, I saw you. And I longed to die. You held me in the night at an infinite distance and there was no longer a hand to join You to me.
But oh my God, Man has disappeared and you are more than ever God, I remained, even in terror, in your shadow. I loved You without a face. I said to You, without a face: yes, like the child of old who stretched out an innocent finger to receive from You an alliance.
And when I too disappear, when I too no longer have hands, nor face, perhaps it will be that day when the encounter will be achieved to which, step by step, you have so long called me, inspired me, lost me…..kept me with You.