Fatwa of the shaykh al-islam, Essad Effendi, calling for jihâd

If, in the case of aggression against Islam, aggression producing pillage of Muslim territories and the enslavement of the Muslim population, His Majesty the Padi-shah of Islam declares holy war, do all Muslims have the sacred duty to participate in it, according to….the Qu’ran.. and is this a religious duty for Muslims young and old everywhere in the world, to strive to take part in the war with their goods and their person, as foot soldiers or as cavalry? Answer: Yes
Now, having verified that Russia, England and France are attacking the Caliphate of the Ottoman Empire today with their fleets and armies, aiming to destroy – which displeases God – the sublime light of Islam, do not all the Muslims living under the administration of these states and the governments who support them equally have the religious duty to declare holy war against these governments and to take part effectively in the sacred struggle? Answer: Yes
While the realisation of the goal depends on the involvement of all Muslims in the war, if – which displeases God! – some of them act otherwise, should their conduct be considered to be a great revolt against the All-Powerful, and are they deserving of heavenly punishment? Answer: Yes
If the Muslim population of the said states at war with the Muslim government take part in the war against Muslim troops, even if under the constraint and persecution of these states in killing them and destroying their families, is that participation formally prohibited by Sha’ria, and the murder that they do so culpable that it is punishable with the fires of hell? Answer: Yes
Does the participation of Muslims living under the rule of England, France, Russia, Serbia, Montenegro and their allies at war with Germany and Austria-Hungary, which support the imperial Muslim government, causing harm to the Caliphate, constitute a great sin deserving of painful torture? Answer: Yes