Witnesses of the prophesies

a) Bernard de Clairvaux, letter 363 (described as an encyclical letter on the Crusade):
The Jews must not be persecuted, slaughtered, nor even driven out. Inquire of the pages of Holy Writ. I know what is written in the Psalms as prophecy about the Jews, God hath shown me, says the Church, thou shall not slay my enemies, neither shall my people be ever forgotten. They are living signs to us, representing the Lord s Passion. For this reason they are dispersed into all regions, that now they may pay the just penalty of so great a crime, that they may be witnesses of our redemption. Wherefore the Church, speaking in the same Psalm, says, Scatter them in thy strength, and cast them down, O Lord my Protector (Ps. lix. n). So has it been. They have been dispersed, cast down. They undergo a hard captivity under Christian princes. Yet they shall be converted at evening-time, and remembrance of them shall be made in due season. Finally, when the multitude of the Gentiles shall have entered in, then all Israel shall be saved (Rom. xi. 25)
b) Pascal
They are visibly a people expressly created to serve as a witness to the Messiah (Isaiah, xliii. 9; xliv. 8) They keep the books, and love them, and do not understand them.
c) Léon Bloy (1846-1917) great Catholic writer:
….it is clear to me that Christian society is foetid with a most disgusting breed and it is terrible to know that the will of God makes it perpetual…….Considering what God tolerates, religious souls should once and for all ask themselves, without presuming anything, nor with idiotic anger, and facing up to the Shadows, if some infinitely worshipful mystery is not after all being concealed beneath the depravity of the Orphaned people, condemned in all the courts of Hope, but who, one day, will not be found to be worthless.