An instance of the evolution of Mary Daly’s para- or post-Christian thought

[…] the radical be-ing of women il very much an Otherworld Journey. It is both discovery and creation of a world other than patriarchy. Patriarchy appears to be « everywhere ». Even outer space and the future have been colonized. […] Nor does this colonization exist simply « outside » women’s minds, securely fastened into institutions we can physically leave behind. Rather, it is also internalized, festering inside women’s heads, even feminist heads. The Journey, then, involves exorcism of the internalized Godfather in his various manifestations (his name is legion). It involves dangerous encounters with these demons. […] The feminist voyage discloses that these [Seven Death Sins] have all been radically misnamed, that is, inadaquately and perversely « understood ». They are particularized expressions ofthe overall use of « evil » to victimize women. Our Journey involves confrontations with the demonic manifestation of evil. […] However possessed males may be within patriarchy, it is their order ; it is they who feed on women’s stolen energy. It is a trap to imagine that women should « save » men from the dynamics of demonic possession and to attempt this is to fall deeper into thepitof patriarchal possession. It is women ourselves who will have to expel the Father from ourselves, becoming our own exorcists.