Pact between Assyria and Tyre

[May Ninlil, who resides in Nineneveh, “tie to you” a swift dagger]. [May] Ishtar, [who resides in Arbela, not grant]you [mercy and forgiveness]. May Gula, the great physician,[put illness and weariness in] your [hearts], an unhealing sore in your body, bathe [in your own blood as if in water]. May the seven gods, the warrior gods, cause your [downfall] with their [fierce] weapons. May Bethel and Anath-Bethel deliver you to a man-eating lion. May the great gods of heaven and earth, the gods of Assyria, the gods of Akkkad, and the gods of Eber-nari curse you with an indissoluble curse. May Baal-sameme, Baal-malage and Baal-saphon raise an evil wind against your ships, to undo their moorings, tear out their mooring pole, may a strong wave sink them in the sea, a violent tide […] against you. “May Melqart and Eshmun deliver your land to destruction and your people to be deported; from your land […]. May they make disappear food from your mouth, clothes for your body, oil for your ointment. May Astarte break your bow in the thick of battle, and have crouch at the feet of your enemy, may a foreign enemy divide your belongings. tablet of the treaty established bith Baal of Tyre.