Note from the Sublime Porte to the five Powers’ envoys

Following events in Lebanon, his Hautess, wishing only fairness and the very best on his subjects, and seeking to restore the well-being and peace of the Druze and Christian populations had reached before 1842 a decision granting these two nations separate Kaimakams. For the past two years and a half they have, under his Hautess guidance, governed to everybody’s advantage and each day sees public order and prosperity grow. Two questions alone, those of administration and reparation have, with some reasons, yet to be resolved. To fulfil his dearest wish to see all his subjects happy, his Hautess has resolved to settle them as follows.
1. On the sum the commission allocated to the Christians, after deduction of the losses suffered by the Druze, the latter will have to meet a cost of three thousands purses at reasonable terms. And although that nation should also pay the balance, as it would not be able to do so and as on the other hand the Christians who had fallen prey to pillage and fires have aroused the compassion of his Hautess– who, in his concern for his people desires the well-being and peace of both nations – what is still owing will be drawn on the provinces’ taxes in due course and shared out to the Christians by way of his Hautess’ largesse via trustworthy people chosen and appointed by them.
2. According to a decision taken earlier by his Hautess, Druze and Christians will remain under the administration of separate Kaimakanates as they are at the moment; however, Druze villages with mixed population will be administered by the Druze Kaimakam and farmers, and in order to make sure that no abuse is committed, each village’s rayah (lower class tax payers) will elect a wakil approved by the kaimakam; if the farmers are unjust towards the rayah, the wakil will inform the kaimakam and if the latter does not take this into account, the matter will be brought before the wali who will hear out the claim impartially. Thus, Druze farmers will not have the means to oppress the rayah and under the guidance of his Hautess, the government will endeavour to ensure each day more well-being and peace to the populations. The same will apply to Druze living in mixed Christian villages
Deir al-Qamar will also be administered by two wakils, one for the Druze and one for the Maronites.