Refusal to convert

The duke1 told him2 that the Sultan of Spain3 had written a letter indicating that “if the Emir Fakhr-al-Din worshiped in our faith, we will grant him a realm as large if not larger than the one the Sultan of the Muslims granted him and if he refuses, he still may stay here or return to his country”. Sheikh Nasser al-Din answered: “we shall inform the Emir of your proposal and will give you an answer”. He then came to the Emir and reported this to him; the Emir asked him to report to the Duke and give him an answer, thanking him and the Sultan of spain. He was to tell him that the Emir had said: “We have not come to this country for a faith or for a kingdom, or a dominion; we only came when an invading force came to our country, seeking refuge at your side and you saved our head, watch over us; we thank you and we are most grateful”. “consequently and with your permission, he continued, he will remain as he is in your country with his retinue and if you wish to send him back to his kingdom, then it will be his pleasure for he has a family, some followers and a country over there.