The Intruders

Among Egypt’s enemies still to be counted – and foremost among them – are the “intruders”: I
talked about them last year much to their dismay. They claimed I had targeted all the Syrians and
tried to create a rift between us and their fellow countrymen. I say today, loud and clear that Egypt
counts many friends in the Syrian community. The intruders are a well known gang; they reneged on
their homeland and have repaid Egypt’s hospitality with ingratitude and hatred. Is there any need to
show them up, to name the intruders? Are they not the abusers of any faithful patriot, of our
sovereign and of the Egyptian nation? Why are they so surprised when we call them “intruders”
while they daily advise us to abandon our country, while they reserve for the Sultan and the khedive
the vilest insults?