Extracts in Al-Nawchariçi

And in this way they have held a vile discourse that bore out the weakness of their faith and
the want for confidence in their doctrine. They further stated that they had migrated neither for God
nor for the Prophet other than to find upon arrival a land that suited their fancy. Not having found
what they had hoped for, they then decided to blaspheme the Land of Islam along with its
dignitaries. They also attacked and insulted those who had caused their migration. Meanwhile they
also praised the land of the infidel and its people, bemoaning their departure from it. One of them
even declared his refusal to emigrate towards the Land of Islam, which is this our soil, may God
preserve it: “people from over there come here for refuge, when it is from here that we should
migrate over there!” And another one says: “if someone from Castile comes to this land, we will go
to him to beg him to take us back over there”, that is to the land of the infidel. Some have resorted
to ruse to return to the land of the unbelievers and be admitted afresh in the doctrine of these