Edict of the Expulsion of the Jews (1492)

Translated from the Castilian by Edward Peters
(1) King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, by the grace of God, King and Queen of Castile, Leon,
Aragon, Sicily, Granada, Toledo, Valencia, Galicia, the Balearic Islands, Seville, Sardinia, Cordoba,
Corsica, Murcia, Jaen, of the Algarve, Algeciras, Gibraltar, and of the Canary Islands, count and
countess of Barcelona and lords of Biscay and Molina, dukes of Athens and Neopatria, counts of
Rousillon and Cerdana, marquises of Oristan and of Gociano, to the prince Lord Juan, our very dear
and muched love son, and to the other royal children, prelates, dukes, marquees, counts, masters of
military orders, priors, grandees, knight commanders, governors of castles and fortified places of our
kingdoms and lordships, and to councils, magistrates, mayors, constables, district judges, knights,
official squires, and all good men of the noble and loyal city of Burgos and other cities, towns, and
villages of its bishopric and of other archbishoprics, bishoprics, dioceses of our kingdom and
lordships, and to the residential quarters of the Jews of the said city of Burgos and of all the aforesaid
cities, towns, and villages of its bishopric and of the other cities, towns, and villages of our
aforementioned kingdoms and lordships, and to all Jews and to all individual Jews of those places, and
to barons and women of whatever age they may be, and to all other persons of whatever law, estate,
dignity, preeminence, and condition they may be, and to all to whom the matter contained in this
charter pertains or may pertain. Salutations and grace.
(4) Therefore, we, with the counsel and advice of prelates, great noblemen of our kingdoms, and other
persons of learning and wisdom of our Council, having taken deliberation about this matter, resolve to
order the said Jews and Jewesses of our kingdoms to depart and never to return or come back to them
or to any of them. And concerning this we command this our charter to be given, by which we order
all Jews and Jewesses of whatever age they may be, who live, reside, and exist in our said kingdoms
and lordships, as much those who are natives as those who are not, who by whatever manner or
whatever cause have come to live and reside therein, that by the end of the month of July next of the
present year, they depart from all of these our said realms and lordships, along with their sons and
daughters, menservants and maidservants, Jewish familiars, those who are great as well as the lesser
folk, of whatever age they may be, and they shall not dare to return to those places, nor to reside in
them, nor to live in any part of them, neither temporarily on the way to somewhere else nor in any
other manner, under pain that if they do not perform and comply with this command and should be
found in our said kingdom and lordships and should in any manner live in them, they incur the penalty
of death and the confiscation of all their possessions by our Chamber of Finance, incurring these
penalties by the act itself, without further trial, sentence, or declaration. And we command and forbid
that any person or persons of the said kingdoms, of whatever estate, condition, or dignity that they
may be, shall dare to receive, protect, defend, nor hold publicly or secretly any Jew or Jewess beyond
the date of the end of July and from henceforth forever, in their lands, houses, or in other parts of any
of our said kingdoms and lordships, under pain of losing all their possessions, vassals, fortified places,
and other inheritances, and beyond this of losing whatever financial grants they hold from us by our
Chamber of Finance.
(5) And so that the said Jews and Jewesses during the stated period of time until the end of the said
month of July may be better able to dispose of themselves, and their possession, and their estates, for
the present we take and receive them under our Security, protection, and royal safeguard, and we
secure to them and to their possessions that for the duration of the said time until the said last day of
the said month of July they may travel and be safe, they may enter, sell, trade, and alienate all their
movable and rooted possessions and dispose of them freely and at their will, and that during the said
time, no one shall harm them, nor injure them, no wrong shall be done to them against justice, in their
persons or in their possessions, under the penalty which falls on and is incurred by those who violate
the royal safeguard. And we likewise give license and faculty to those said Jews and Jewesses that
they be able to export their goods and estates out of these our said kingdoms and lordships by sea or
land as long as they do not export gold or silver or coined money or other things prohibited by the
laws of our kingdoms, excepting merchandise and things that are not prohibited.
(6) And we command all councils, justices, magistrates, knights, squires, officials, and all good men of
the said city of Burgos and of the other cities, towns, and villages of our said kingdoms and lordships
and all our new vassals, subjects, and natives that they preserve and comply with and cause to be
preserved and complied with this our charter and all that is contained in it, and to give and to cause to
be given all assistance and favor in its application under penalty of [being at] our mercy and the
confiscation of all their possessions and offices by our Chamber of Finance. And because this must be
brought to the notice of all, so that no one may pretend ignorance, we command that this our charter
be posted in the customary plazas and places of the said city and of the principal cities, towns, and
villages of its bishopric as an announcement and as a public document. And no one shall do any
damage to it in any manner under penalty of being at our mercy and the deprivation of their offices
and the confiscation of their possessions, which will happen to each one who might do this. Moreover,
we command the [man] who shows them this our charter that he summon [those who act against the
charter] to appear before us at our court wherever we may be, on the day that they are summoned
during the fifteen days following the crime under the said penalty, under which we command
whichever public scribe who would be called for the purpose of reading this our charter that the signed
charter with its seal should be shown to you all so that we may know that our command is carried out.
(7) Given in our city of Granada, the XXXI day of the month of March, the year of the birth of our
lord Jesus Christ one thousand four hundred and ninety-two years.
I, the King, I the Queen,
I, Juan de Coloma, secretary of the king and queen our lords, have caused this to be written at their
command. Registered by Cabrera, Almacan chancellor