Rebellion of Kesrouan

(The demand of the people, refered to in the preceding letter, No.II)
Statement of the items requested by which peace may be secured for us and for Their
Excellencies the Shaikhs.
First: that the collection of the (mîtri) tax money be in accordance with principles, and
likewise the head tax, falling on the great and the small according to the register instituted by
His Grace Shakîb Pasha, so that even the Shaikhs shall be obliged to pay what is apportioned
to them in the collective and head taxes, without the people having to bear an excessive head
Second: Whereas oppressions, wrongdoings, exaction of extras from travelers and servants,
and the money transfers (hawâlât) taken from the people by the dissimulations of Their
Excellencies the Shaikhs, are contrary to the laws of the Sublime State and the benevolent
decrees, when these deeds are ascertained by whatever body is designated, wherever the
present (judicial) council or another, the doer of these offenses and of violations of the law,
after confirmation, must return and repay what he has taken in its entirety.
Third: the presents and marriage taxes currently paid to Their Excellencies the Shaikhs in
certain places, or the presents to the Shaikhs attached to the sale of their goods to the people,
must be discontinued and removed in their entirety.
Fourth: As for the question of the office of ma’mûr, which is of the greatest importance,
having to do with governing the people and removing grievances and violations, the ma’mûr
must govern in accordance with justice and law so that there shall be no further disputes
between us and Their Excellencies the Shaikhs. Whoever is appointed to deal with our affairs,
we pray that he will be deserving of this position and worthy of it, and possessing all the
conditions suited to the authority and activities of ma’mûr, he being distinct from the mass of
the people, and there must be great efforts made to keep his commands. For every village one
or two representatives (wakîls) should be instituted, according to the large or small size of the
village, so as to achieve peace and facilitate the ma’mûr’s orders and to facilitate his work and
interests without hindrance.
Ffth: Whereas the Sublime State –may the Lord of Creation preserve it!-has granted us
universal equality and complete freedom, so that there should be no distinctions or
degradations in addressing persons, and so that all the old principles should be changed in
regard to the registers, and whereas new taxes have been levied on all, we pray that all this
may be kept in mind by Your Beatitude.
Sixth: The submission of the question of ma’mûrs in Kisrawân to the decision of Your
Beatitude is done on condition that the authority of the ma’mûr be effective on everyone
without exception in accordance with the reform measures taken, so that from now on no one
will be set apart and distinguished from the general public except for the ma’mûr himself. As
for those remaining of Their Excellencies the Shaikhs, if any offenses on their part occur against the people, they shall be punished in accordance with the laws upon confirmation by the council, as it shall be done also to offenders from among the people.