Jacob Böhme’s theosophic letters

I have never harboured a desire to know anything of the divine Mystery, still less to understand how to seek it and how to find it. My ignorance is that of the layman in its simplicity. I only sought the heart of Christ to hide myself in it from the anger of God and the attacks of the Devil, and with all seriousness I prayed to God to give me his Holy Spirit and his grace to bless me and guide me, and to take from me that which turns me from him, so that I might abandon myself entirely to him, so that I might no longer follow my own will, but follow his, so that he might be my only guide and so that I might be his child in his son Jesus Christ.
In this search and in this desire which drove me to extremity, and during which I have been subject to violent attacks….the door was opened before me, such that in a quarter of an hour I saw and learned more than if I had been to university for many years. This greatly astonished me, I did not know what had happened to me, and then I turned by heart towards the praising of God.
So I see and understand the being of all beings, the depth and the bottomless, as well as the birth of the Holy Trinity, the origin and the original state of the world and all creatures through his divine Wisdom.