Call to combat by the ‘Muslim Caliphate’

(And the Muslim Caliph has called all believers in the countries of the West to combat through the intermediary of Abu Muhammed Al-Adnani when he says: ‘ Oh you, the monotheist, do not fail in the fight wherever it is, attack the soldiers and the partisans of the tawaghits: their armies, their police, their educators and their collaborators. Make the earth tremble under their feet, make their life impossible, and if you can kill an American or European unbeliever, and in particular a hateful, impure Frenchman, an Australian, a Canadian or others amongst the unbelievers in a state of war, inhabitants of countries which are in coalition against the Islamic State, then place your confidence in Allah and kill them by any means possible. Do not consult anyone, and do not demand a fatwa against anybody. Whether the unbeliever is a civilian or member of the military, they are subject to the same judgement; they are both unbelievers, both are in a state of war. Their blood and their goods are lawful. Blood is not to be spared by for what they are wearing, civilian clothes do not make blood sacred, and military uniform doe not make it lawful.)