The general code of the Muslim Brotherhood

1st part: name and establishment of the Brotherhood:
1 – In the month of foundation (1347, hegira, 1928 in the Christian era), the Muslim Brotherhood assembled. Its principal establishment is the town of Cairo. It is possible to change its base in exceptional circumstances by decision of the consultative council [Majlis al-shûrâ] if the Command Bureau approves
2nd part : objectives and means
1- The Muslim Brotherhood is an Islamic organisation of association. It works to build the religion of God on earth and to realise the goals of Islam
a- to promote the preaching [da‘wa] of Islam to the people in general and the Muslims in particular, to explain it with precision, make it clear, pronounce it to them in its essence and universality and protect it it from futility and over-simplification;
b- to gather hearts and souls according to the principles of Islam, renew its noble imprint on them, bring together the points of view of the different schools of Islam;
c- to work to improve the lives of individuals, develop the richness of the Nation [Umma] and its protection;
d- to achieve social justice and social security for all citizens, combat ignorance, sickness, poverty and vice, to encourage generosity and goodness;
e- to free the Muslim fatherland – all parts of it – from all non Islamic powers and to help Muslim minorities everywhere, with a view to the gathering of all Muslims until they become one united Nation [Umma];
f- to build an Islamic state which will effectively carry out the precepts and teachings of Islam, which will protect them with and promote and transmit them abroad;
g- to promote international aid and friendship through Islamic shari’a which protects liberty and rights. To participate in the building of human civilisation on a new basis of co-operation between faith and materialism, as is guaranteed by the integral codes of Islam.
2- In order to realise their objectives, the Muslim Brotherhood relies on the following means:
a- Preaching through different media of publication and communication: letters, bulletins, journals, reviews, books, publications; organise interior and exterior delegations and missions.
b- Education to ensure that the members of the Brotherhood follow the principles and reflect religious meaning in their words and acts in their heart of hearts and in their homes. Their education must be healthy and according to the Book [Qu’ran] and the Sunnah. It must be rational in relation to knowledge, spiritual for piety, good for morality, physical for sport. It reinforces the sense of friendly brotherhood, universality of action, and the ways in these can truly help each other. And until a unified Islamic vision can be effective and a new generation comes along which understands Islam in a way that is just, applying its precepts and engendering its renaissance.
c- Orientation: achieve a healthy training in all matters of society in educational, scientific, legislative, judicial, administrative, military and economic subjects, in matters of holiness and authority; progress must be made through competent elements and its success [should be achieved] in political, executive, judicial and international institutions in order to escape established views and to advance towards effective management; to work seriously towards the purification of the mass media which carries many dangers and sins and, in conclusion, to be inspired towards an Islamic direction.
d- Action: establish educational, social, economic and scientific institutions; found mosques, schools, dispensaries, hospices, groups; create committees for the organisation of the religious contribution [zakât], for solidarity, for good works; for the reconciliation of individuals and families; resist social evils, harmful habits, drugs, alcohol, gaming; guide young people in ways that
elevate them; work for the time that is necessary to be useful, help others, support everything that comes from the independent sector which conform to our inspiration.
e- The regeneration of the Nation [Umma]: jihadist preparation to create a unique front against invaders and tyrants [who are] amongst the enemies of God and level the field to deliver a well guided Islamic state.