Firman from the Sublime Porte to Emir al-Qasim

We address this Imperial command, which must be followed with effect throughout the land, no matter how distant, to a relative of Emir Bashir whom we hereby appoint prince of the Druze Mountain, namely the most illustrious, most glorious Emir Bashir al-Qasim, may his glory live on, as well as to the sheikhs of the Druze tribes most eminent among the country’s overlords, may their obedience grow, and we ordain that upon reception the following be known:
It behoved Emir Bashir always to prove, as he was ordained, a faithful subject, acquiescent to our Imperial Majesty, his august benefactor and master, to obey our orders, to endeavour to act according to our wishes, to thrive to protect the populations and tribes we have entrusted to him, to use all possible means and all his wisdom to protect them and spare them all distress; thus were his duties as my subject
It has no less come to our notice that Emir Bashir failed in all these essential requisites and that he persists in complying with Muhammad Ali Pasha and his retinue’s projects and in acting according to their instructions, thus displaying a behaviour far removed from what we had expected of him.
You, Prince, acting with the faithfulness and the fine judgment which are your hallmark , have shown your devotion towards our imperial person, a devotion deserving of its reward; you have demonstrated your obedience and you know what you owe us as a subject. Accordingly, our Sublime Porte is certain that should you be appointed prince of the Druze, you would produce further proof of your submission to our orders and give free rein to the faithfulness, the loyalty and the zeal that you were born with. This is why we communicate to you Emir Bashir’s destitution, having appointed you – as we hereby do – Prince of the Druze tribes, hence the present imperial order has been drafted by our Imperial Chancery
Accordingly, as soon as you have received our august firman, you will bring it to public attention; thereafter you will fulfil the duties of your position acting with your usual faithfulness and managing the business that falls to you with wisdom, equity and in a way conform to our imperial majesty’s wishes and interests.
Among your other duties, you must protect the population and the Druze tribes with whom our sovereign concern remains constantly occupied; and warn them against any opposition to our legitimate rights over the nation and the Empire and against all things incompatible with the duties of submission and devotion they owe the Sublime Porte; and prevent them from becoming partisans of Muhammad Ali and his ilk.
Finally you must put every care, work night and day to achieve what our Sublime Porte expects from your judiciousness and your faithfulness and to deserve the continuation of the favour you have just been shown.
And you, sheikhs of the Druze, when you hear the we have appointed Emir Bashir al-Qasim prince of the Druze, you will, as your duty commands, have to unite with him heart and soul to carry out our wishes and conform to this firman, upholding our legitimate rights.
Let there be among you no behaviour contrary to our sovereign will or undermining of our authority in our hereditary dominions.
Given etc…