Maronite law and the application of Sharia law under Shehab rule

“We have come to the agreement that each bishop should judge in his own diocese and none of us can judge in another diocese other than by permission of its incumbent. And the books according to which we judge are abridged version of the law and précis of jurisprudence (fatwas) by our brother Bishop Abdallah (Quara’li). If any of us felt the need to obtain a second opinion to dispense justice, he should provide the party with a power of attorney. Decreed on 19th of July of the year 1744”
“The Christians have a duty to respect (Islamic) national law as long as it goes in no way against good tradition and this first because they are governed (by Muslim princes) and second in reason of equity between subjects of the same nation. That is why they must observe this rule when ruling in civil courts.”