Indeed the Christians have violated their agreements and breached the conditions. They even
obliged the Muslims to convert to Christianity in the year 904 [1499]. Worse it has been claimed that
priests forced Christians who had converted [to Islam] to reverse their decision, which they were
forced to do. They went further asserting that every Muslim had a grand-father who was a converted
Christian and that he was thus originally Christian himself… This was the cause of Christianisation. In
this way they all converted, whether they were country or city dwellers. As against that some
refrained from this and separated themselves from the rest of the population. Alas that was of no
use… They were peacefully expelled towards Fez. They could take only their children and very little
money they left behind everything else they had. Meanwhile the Muslims that declared themselves
converted to Christianity, worshiped God and prayed secretly. And with good reason: the Christians
intensified their inquisition and even burnt many of those… This went on until the 1017 (1610)